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    Everyone I know is brokenhearted.

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    You should watch and listen to this.

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    CALVIN: Doesn’t it seem like everybody just shouts at each other nowadays? I think it’s because conflict is drama, drama is entertaining, and entertainment is marketable. Finding consensus and common ground isdull! Nobody wants to watch a civilized discussion that acknowledges ambiguity and…

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Written in the stars
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    Egyptian Desert Sand Spiral Spans Distance And Time

    In the eastern Sahara desert bordering the Red Sea stands Desert Breath  a stunning land-art project comprised of perfectly-formed cones and a glistening pool of water. Nestled between the hills on the Egyptian desert floor, this site-specific installation was the work of D.A.ST. Arteam, made up of Danae Stratou (installation artist), Alexandra Stratou (industrial designer and architect), and Stella Constantindies (architect). They spent from 1995 to 1997 working on Desert Breath, relocating 8,000 square meters of sand to create what we see here. The curves of the two interlocking spirals are dotted with cones that create both positive and negative shapes, as some point up towards the sky while others extend below the surface. Everything radiates from its center, a vessel of water filled rim to rim. All told, this massive and impressive project covers 100,000 square meters (about 1 million square feet).

    (Source: f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s, via protobelthasar)

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    depression comix #170 & 171 [tw: self-harm]

    Link to Original Post

    For some reason, Tumblr did not like me posting two long vertical comics and the jpeg quality is terrible on desktop devices (looks nice on my phone, though). Please click on the link to see the comic in a better resolution if you’d like. I’m sorry about the image quality of this one.

    I like that there’s no “[if you love me] you have to promise me you’ll never self harm again” bullshit

    because that’s just harmful guilt-tripping pretending to be “positive” emotional manipulation

    Absolutely. Although the person who says that doesn’t see it that way, it only has negative consequences for the person it’s said to. It just adds a truckload of guilt and shame to a condition that definitely doesn’t need any more.

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Bitsy Pookums.


    Bitsy Pookums.




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